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Registering a quad for the road? Ensure it's on the HMRC NOVA database before applying to DVLA

As of 14 April 2013 all vehicles registered by DVLA have to be on the Notification of Vehicle Arrivals database held by HMRC. UK representatives of the manufacturers should register all UK spec vehicles arriving after 14/4/13 on arrival, but quads in the UK before that date will not be on the database. Contact your local quad dealer and provide your chassis number, ask them to pass this to the importer and they will add it to the database for you. This applies to all quads, motocross bikes and enduro bikes.

When should I register my quad for the road?

The replacement of EC2002/24 with EC2010/271 from 1 January 2016 brings in a raft of changes including max speed limits for quad bikes and a requrement for a differential.
For a full view of the changes click here

Already registered quads will not be affected.

The existing MSVA scheme will continue to run until January 2018 and DVLA / VOSA will not be implementing any changes to the existing system until 2018


Established in 2002 as a main dealer for Bombardier and Polaris Quads and ATVs, Quadtech focused from the very beginning on producing road legal quads, and doing it right. We believed that all products on the market looked very amateur.
In order to concentrate on our expanding Road ATV products we closed our ATV showroom and concentrated 100% on road legal parts.

Why are our kits the best available in the UK?

  • Our kits conform to the EU Directives EEC-2002/24 and EC-92/61 and also meet the VOSA requirements for MOT and MSVA
  • Professional quality product with an OEM factory finish
  • With our kits you can register your quad for either PLG leisure road use or Agricultural
  • We have bespoke kits for Utility, Side-by-side, Sports Quads
  • Many of our kits are plug-and-play and don't require modifications to a quads`s original electric system
  • Our cable harnesses are made in the same factory that makes many of the Honda Motorcycle cable harnesses
  • We use genuine OEM switches, many are made by the same factory that make switches for Yamaha Motorcycles and ATVs
  • We only use LED lighting in our indicators, sidelights and numberplate lamps
  • We use fully waterproof connectors on our cable harnesses - the same spec and type found on all ATVs
  • Hundreds of quads have passed the MSVA test with our kits fitted

QUADTECH Road Kits for Utility (Farm) Quads

QUADTECH Road Legal Quad Bike Kits for sports quads

QUADTECH Road Kits for UTV Side-by-Side

Speed sensors, temperature sensors and lap sensors are all available and compatible with our computers

From budget to multifunction, we have a speedometer to fit your vehicle

E-Mail us or give us a call

Is this the end of road registration of sports quads?

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